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Our TV Box has the latest technologies in Hardware and Software, Very easy to install


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100% Responsive

Our Service Department is located in Tucson Arizona with prompt response.


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Powerful Multimedia System

Powerful Media Player
Get a taste of our awesome TV Box an Media
Player with 4K resolution, 3D capabilities, and
Total Internet access unlimited free services.

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TV Stream Multimedia Player

Internet TV no need to use antennas or cable, This is the new concept and  future of television, where you can stream free tv, video and music from local and all over the world, by using just a simple Internet connection with our TV Box.

Welcome to, Internet TV, World Television. Were you can buy and subscribe, and start Streaming directly into your TV!.

This is It!,  How to quit expensive Services,   for on-line video streaming.



Access the entire World with Internet and this enhance Multimedia system in your TV,  Now!

This new revolutionary IPTV will allow you to access not only live TV World-Wide but the wonders of accessing the library of video and sound capabilities for all times and all areas without barriers, going back in time and revive all TV programing, movies, and music; changed my perception of what TV is. 


With offices in Tucson Arizona we are able to provide local and national support, training and maintenance.

 Turn your TV into Supersmart TV, 4K, 3D, and Internet TV!

Be able to see World live TV, Stream Video, and much more.
Be in control of your own TV programming unlimited services.
The World in your hands, you decide what to see in your TV.


Come to see and learn to fully improve your Television Experience and Save!

7301 E. 22nd Street Tucson, Arizona 520-419-5825


  • This is the future of television more efficient, better quality, and unlimited Video and Music services in your TV

  •                      By connecting your TV to our TV Box you will be experiencing Ultra High Definition 4K and Crystal Clear High Definition Sound
  • Better than HD
  • Interact with the World by accessing all Countries
  • Use your Internet in the place of your antenna or cable
  • Be impress with the extreme functions of 4K and Digital Sound
  • Be amazed!
  • If you use


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