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New Solutions to Kodi Users

Lately we are experience a lot of changes in the way of using kodi accessing free streamers over internet, all this issues are related to the constant and fiery fight between cable, video audio media, tv channels, and cable cutters. We will truy to give some possible solutions that will facilitate the streaming for the time being.

1.- Reboot your modem-router a least once a week to fix crash and internet provider speed reduce control.

on the following steps you need a lot of patience

2.- when you access a recorder program, movie o a simple video if you get a message no stream available even you are presented with several servers locations, that means that the video is not available till future time.

3.- Once you are presented with …

Krypton operation

When you turn on the tv box, it will start in the main screen where all functions of kodi are show, we will call it the “main screen” to identified that screen; is where the on/off button is showing and the word “KODI”  in the up left corner.

Immediately navigate to addons and click it you will see in the same left upper corner that the word kodi changes to addons, that means that you are in the screen of addons.

Navigate to Movies and click it the word on the same top left corner changes to addons/movies, now you are in addons section of movies is where all activity is….enjoy it.




Kodi Krypton

If you’ve heard about Kodi’s streaming abilities, you’ve only hit the tip of the iceberg. While most people who use Kodi do come to the program for its excellent ability to pull and render online streams from different sources, Kodi is far more capable than that. In fact, the latest release version of Kodi, Version 17.1 “Krypton”, can do all of the following:

  • Music
  • Movies
  • TV ShowsPictures
  • Live TV, Radio, and PVR
  • Addons
  • Skins and builds
  • UPnP
  • Web Interfaces
  • Remote Controls
  • Weather

Understandably, some of these may not be immediately obvious as to what they are. UPnP, for example, is a fairly technical Kodi function that allows two computers running Kodi to interoperate so that you can stream media stored on one device onto another one. Meanwhile, PVR, or “Personal …

Kodi keeps rebooting

When kodi keeps rebooting, the simple solution to this problem is that your are trying to manipulate your tv box at the same time kodi is doing all updates right after you turn on the tv box after been off for a day or so, let kodi finish all updates and than start using it.

My recommendation is not to turn kodi completely off leave it on the red light, this can accomplish by pressing on/off button in the remote.…

TV Tab Disappears

Some times the TV tab disappears from the main menu, this is a glitch on the software of kodi that we have to live with it until the developers of such app fix it. A simple solution to remedy this is to go:

1.- System

2.- Settings

3.- TV

4.- General

5.- Enable has to have a blue dot to be activated

6.- Continue with the return button until you reach the main menu