Knowing your Internet connection

When you are using your computer to browse the Internet the resources use are minimum, but if you will stream video is when more bandwidth is require and is when other factors come into play, for example how many devices are using the same Internet connection simultaneously, your router crash because been stress or been push to the limits, time to renew the ip because your Internet supplier reduce your bandwidth too much or just your Internet connection is too slow.

Some of the solutions will be, first find if you are connected to the Internet instructions on our post under wifi connection, than find your connection speed under   . If your speed is or less than  12 mb/s you will have a lot of buffering and video freezing, if you know the speed of your Internet connection and is more than 12 mb/s than is time to renew the ip by rebooting your router, this will fix if your router it has been crash and will renew your ip.

Sometimes your Internet connection is fine and the streamer is the one is experience that has to many connections streaming the video or its connection to the Internet reaches its limits this will show you some buffering, try to use another link to the same video.

When you see “Stream not available” means that this media doesn’t exist in that server, probably because is too new and they are showing that will be available in the near future or has been remove.

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