New Solutions to Kodi Users

Lately we are experience a lot of changes in the way of using kodi accessing free streamers over internet, all this issues are related to the constant and fiery fight between cable, video audio media, tv channels, and cable cutters. We will truy to give some possible solutions that will facilitate the streaming for the time being.

1.- Reboot your modem-router a least once a week to fix crash and internet provider speed reduce control.

on the following steps you need a lot of patience

2.- when you access a recorder program, movie o a simple video if you get a message no stream available even you are presented with several servers locations, that means that the video is not available till future time.

3.- Once you are presented with several servers that have that video available try the first one and the next one until you are able to access an acceptable quality video, and probably you wont see that happen until a future time.

3.- If you are presented with a notice to pair your device do so using your computer making sure to close all pup-ups and the browser immediately you pair your ip, that is valid for 4 hrs.; following the pup-ups and leaving your browser open you leave open the possibility of acquire a malware or virus.

Hopefully all this will help you understand and facilitate the use of kodi.

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