For a fee we provide the following services:

  • Demonstrations (free)
  • Training and Installation Services
  • Consulting and Development
  • Updates and Reinstall

The Android TV boxes that we sell, is an expansion hardware that makes the most exciting and enjoyment Entertainment Center out of your TV set,  by been able to reproduce 4k, 3D, digital crispy sound, and  more proactive with the Internet offering you unlimited services. All of this is accomplish by selecting the best hardware and software  available at the time. With the enhance in our software we were able to reduce the present limitations of the Internet.

The components of this system are:

  • The Back-end (the community of streamers world-wide)
  • Internet (your connection between the back-end and front-end)
  • The Front-end ( TV Box and TV set)
 i4kbox does not host, provide, archive, store, or distribute media of any kind, and acts merely as an indexer (or directory) of media posted by other enthusiasts on the Internet, which is completely outside of  its control. We are not Internet providers or a stream service,  any issue concern to such services or contents has to be address with the proper entity or service provider.

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